7Pez, custom skinned Unzip

This is a functionally terrible unzip application, saved only by the fact that you get to look at a cat while using it.

The original idea reflected in the name 7Pez was actually worse — to rig it up so you had to push on the head to unzip each file from the zipfile, so press 5 times to get 5 files. Opening a zipfile with 1000s of items in it soon put a stop to that idea.

It also fails on the Pez front, since you press the head instead of lifting it to release the file.
I haven't seen a Pez in years, so I forgot how they work.

But look, cat.


Start with “Setting up”

7Pez, custom skinned Unzip

Setting up (01:05)
Theming the QMainWindow (00:46)
Animating the head (02:23)
Drag & drop (01:04)
Moving the Window (01:27)
Unzipping, in separate thread (01:28)
Challenges (00:14)